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Raisin in de pers

Raisin, een marktplaats voor spaar- en beleggingsproducten, haalt in een investeringsronde fors meer kapitaal op bij onder andere Paypal en Index Ventures, bekend als aandeelhouder in Adyen.

Spaarplatform Raisin schrijft €100 mln bij – februari 6, 2019 - Naar artikel

De nieuwste bank in het aanbod van Raisin is BlueOrange uit Letland - u kunt daar sparen in Euro's onder het Letse depositogarantiestelsel. Dat heeft dezelfde dekking als ieder ander land in de Eurozone: € 100.000 per persoon, per bank.

Scherpe spaarrente bij BlueOrange: bank uit Letland – november 30, 2018 - Naar artikel

De hoogste tarieven vind je bij buitenlandse banken, makkelijk toegankelijk via spaarplatforms als Raisin. Maar is dat wel veilig? Ja, zegt financieel planner Jeroen Wolfsen van Moneywise.

Toch maar sparen ondanks lage rente – november 2, 2018 - Naar artikel

Sinds 2008 is er het nodige veranderd in het toezicht op Europese banken. De EU harmoniseerde het depositogarantiestelsel. Dat betekent dat elke bank in de EU spaargeld tot € 100.000 garandeert bij faillissement. Je spaargeld is dus veilig.

Tien jaar na Icesave: is sparen in het buitenland veilig? – september 7, 2018 - Naar artikel

Raisin - al vele jaren actief in Duitsland - biedt nu ook in ons land de mogelijkheid om te sparen in allerlei andere landen. In Duitsland heeft Raisin 50 partnerbanken, dus het aanbod zal ook in Nederland ongetwijfeld breder worden.

Spaarplatform Raisin nu ook in Nederland – september 4, 2018 - Naar artikel

Buitenlandse banken bieden hogere rente's dan hun Nederlandse collega's. Binck is een Nederlandse effectenbank die deposito's faciliteert voor andere Europese banken. Binck doet dit via zijn Duitse partner Raisin.

Money for nothing – april 26, 2018 - Naar artikel

Via Raisin hoef je je niet te verdiepen in voorwaarden in onbegrijpelijke buitenlandse talen. Raisin is te vergelijken met een reisbureau: het organiseert voor het spaarvarken de gunstigste rente-­bestemming.

Sparen over de grens – april 9, 2018 - Naar artikel

Vanguard, the world’s second-largest asset manager, has teamed up with German fintech company Raisin.

Vanguard joins fintech company for German market push maart 28, 2018 - Naar artikel

RTL Nieuws verdiepte zich en concludeerde dat spaarproducten via bemiddelaars zoals Raisin veilig zijn.

Nieuwe spaarproducten beloven gouden bergen: wij lazen de kleine lettertjes – maart 1, 2018 - Naar artikel

With a Raisin account, users can shift their money to banks in different European countries to get the best interest rate.

Choosing a bank is about to become as ruthless as shopping for flights, taxis, and hotels februari 6, 2018 - Naar artikel

Raisin has picked up backing from PayPal. Described as a “strategic investment,” the new funding round remains undisclosed.

Paypal Backs Pan-European Savings Deposit Marketplace Raisin december 22, 2017 - Naar artikel

Raisin GmbH is growing rapidly and today the “European Deposit Marketplace” is moving into the UK with the acquisition of PBF Solutions.

European Deposit Marketplace Raisin Acquires PBF Solution in UK Expansion september 20, 2017 - Naar artikel

European financial deposit marketplace Raisin has made its first acquisition, Manchester-based PBF Solutions, as it prepares to enter the UK savings market.

Raisin acquires PBF Solutions to enter UK market september 20, 2017 - Naar artikel

German startup Raisin (aka WeltSparen) recently announced its cooperation with N26. Startus Magazine spoke to CEO Tamaz Georgadze to find out about the details of the partnership and the future of financial services.

German Startup Raisin Cooperates With N26, “Empowering” Clients augustus 25, 2017 - Naar artikel

Raisin reports that in less than 4 years its customers have invested more than €4 billion in the platform’s savings products. As a result, Raisin is the leading marketplace for investments in Europe and one of the fastest growing Fintechs in the

Savings Marketplace Raisin Passes the €4 Billion Mark Faster than Any Wealth Management Fintech augustus 17, 2017 - Naar artikel

Berlin-based Raisin lets customers across Europe invest in savings accounts around the EU. The company is one of the biggest investment marketplaces in Europe, with over 90,000 customers.

€4 billion has now been invested using German savings startup Raisin augustus 17, 2017 - Naar artikel

Not long ago, the accepted wisdom was that banking was as local a trade as perishable food distribution. Our CEO Tamaz Georgadze explains why consumers like Raisin and how the company will continue to thrive as an independent marketplace.

Raisin, A Global Open Banking Forerunner juli 24, 2017 - Naar artikel

Why Raisin is a good choice for distribution partners, partner banks and customers: The Global Finance Magazine about Raisin's collaboration with N26.

Reaping Interest Rewards With Raisin juni 16, 2017 - Naar artikel

British FinTech firms have dominated this year’s FinTech50, a list of Europe’s most innovative financial technology companies - but Germany (with Raisin) and Switzerland are following.

UK dominates FinTech50 list of innovative financial technology firms juni 7, 2017 - Naar artikel

German N26 customers can now open savings accounts through Raisin. The feature will be launched in other European countries and with more providers later this year.

N26 launches savings accounts with Raisin mei 10, 2017 - Naar artikel

Only three and a half years after its launch as WeltSparen in Germany, Raisin, the online marketplace for savings products, counts more than €3 billion in investments done on the platform.

No Sour Grapes: Online Marketplace Raisin’s €3 Billion+ in Investments april 20, 2017 - Naar artikel

With the help of Raisin, customers can open deposits across Europe at attractive interest rates. The online marketplace provides these services free of cost.

Raisin Fintech Startup raises $3.2 billion, one-third of which raised in the last four months april 19, 2017 - Naar artikel

Raisin, fintech which has placed 2 billion euros, raises 30 million (article is in French)

Les Echos januari 27, 2017 - Naar artikel

German savings startup Raisin raises €30 million

Business Insider januari 26, 2017 - Naar artikel

Sun shines on fundraising for German fintech Raisin

Financial Times januari 26, 2017 - Naar artikel

Financial services startup "Raisin" offers EU citizens platform to invest deposits.

Verslo žinios december 21, 2016 - Naar artikel

Financial Institution Raisin built a platform through which Europeans can easily open a bank account in any EU country.

Helsingin Sanomat december 16, 2016 - Naar artikel

German savings platform Raisin just hit a €1.7 billion investment milestone

Business Insider Sep 2016 september 27, 2016 - Naar artikel

Raisin (RAIS + INterest) is the first pan-European marketplace for savings, making the best interest rates across Europe accessible to over 500 million savers. Customers use a fully online process ...

The New Statesman juli 22, 2016 - Naar artikel

CEO Tamaz Georgadze about the Post-Brexit-Situation in WSJ: "Some London-based startups are already forging relationships with a bank on the continent as a “Plan B,” said Tamaz Georgadze, the founder and chief executive of Raisin

Wall Street Journal juli 11, 2016 - Naar artikel

Another option is to seek out higher deposit rates through a pan-European vehicle, such as, which currently offers a rate of 1.4 per cent on a one-year fixed rate deposit from Polish bank Alior.

The Irish Times juni 28, 2016 - Naar artikel

Raisin, previously known as SavingGlobal, has launched its pan-European savings marketplace, expanding for the first time beyond its home country of Germany and neighboring Austria.

TechCrunch april 6, 2016 - Naar artikel

Raisin aims to take advantage of the differing interest rates paid by banks across Europe. The company had until now only offered German and Austrian citizens the chance to open higher-yielding accounts.

Wall Street Journal april 6, 2016 - Naar artikel

Raisin, until last year known as SavingGlobal, has offered its products in Germany since 2013 and says that more than 40,000 customers have signed up since then, depositing almost €1 billion at 13 banks in Sweden, Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Ireland

Handelsblatt Global Edition april 6, 2016 - Naar artikel

A Berlin fintech startup that's already brokered €1 billion has created the first pan-European savings platform

Business Insider april 6, 2016 - Naar artikel

If you are disappointed at the low rates being offered on savings accounts listen up, help may be at hand.

Today FM augustus 23, 2015 - Naar artikel

Logo The Wall Street Journal Small

Raisin's business model, and attraction for venture capitalists, takes advantage of the European Union’s lack of an integrated capital market.

Wall Street Journal augustus 6, 2015 - Naar artikel

Raisin's marketplace lets you shop around and compare different rates European-wide.

TechCrunch augustus 6, 2015 - Naar artikel

Raisin has the most simple-but-brilliant way of boosting your cash savings we've ever heard.

Business Insider maart 23, 2015 - Naar artikel

Investing across borders is easy. Raisin based in Berlin, allows Germans to open as many accounts elsewhere in Europe as they like without ever visiting a branch.

The Economist maart 13, 2015 - Naar artikel

Raisin, set up a year ago, allows its customers to take advantage of higher rates in other countries.

Financial Times november 30, 2014 - Naar artikel

Logo The Wall Street Journal Small

Even banks that don't have branches or online operations in Germany can now reach German savers through Raisin.

Wall Street Journal september 16, 2014 - Naar artikel

Raisin raises €7.5m to spark “saving without borders” revolution.

Index Ventures augustus 23, 2014 - Naar artikel

How to put your savings in another country and earn more interest.

Quartz juni 23, 2014 - Naar artikel